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  • Established in 1994 by New York State.
  • Finished 29th year with cumulative state contribution of $19.7 million.
  • Won $122.2 million in joint federal funding awards. 
  • Completed 3,865 projects with more than 599 companies.
  • Created and/or retained more than 17,098 jobs.

Fuzehub "Ask The Expert" featuring SPIR Director Lisa Chichura


What We Provide

  • The expertise of more than 500 engineers and applied scientists.
  • Cutting-edge research findings (more than $30 million in annual expenditures).
  • Experience with more than 500 companies in New York State
  • Access to top engineering and applied science students.
  • Access to advanced manufacturing and high-technology facilities.

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Marianna Bonanome, PhD, Head of External Education at SandboxAQ, discussed quantum simulation and security with a group of  computer science students at the third SPIR Lunch and Learn event at Stony Brook University.

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