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Part-Time Status for F1 Students

INTERNATION STUDENTS WITH F1 VISA MUST MAINTAIN FULL-TIME STUDENT STATUS DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. At Stony Brook, graduate students need to register minimum of 9 credits per semester to be full time status. 

REDUCED COURSE LOAD (PART TIME STATUS). Under certain circumstances, students with F1 visa may be allowed to engage in less than a full course of study. One such condition is that a student in the Final Semester may register less than full time credits to complete the degree requirement.

M.S. student with thesis: The student may register for MEC 599 to complete the thesis, and\or any other regular courses necessary to satisfy the course requirement. If you are choosing this option, make sure to notify this to the Graduate Program Director. Without the notification, you may be assumed as taking non-thesis option.

M.S. student without thesis: If one or two courses are required to complete the degree course requirement, the student may register them at reduced course load. However if the student already has enough courses to graduate in the previous semester, he/she will not be granted the part time student status. This occurs regardless of whether the student applies for graduation or not in the previous semester. Also be careful that if the student has courses taken outside Mechanical Engineering, as they may be automatically counted toward the degree requirement.

It is important to note that the Part Time Status may be only granted for one (final) semester under this condition.

In all cases, a student must apply the part time status to the Stony Brook Visa and Immigration office prior to the semester. Before applying to the Visa Office, send an email to the Graduate Program Director for intension to request the reduced course load and clearly specify which course(s) you intended to regsiter.

Reduced Course Load may be granted under other conditions. Details can be found below.