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Guide for Current Students

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

PhD students must use the Adobe Sign Signature Page from the Graduate School for their thesis and dissertation. Please find instructions regarding the signature page submission process available here.

Student Resources 

Graduate Bulletin from the Graduate School

Graduate School Google Forms

Use this site to find many common Google Forms used by the Graduate School, such as change of personal information, transfer credit form, change program or degree level form, request for a leave of absence, and more.

Visa and Immigration Services
If you are an international student, it will be helpful to maintain contact with the VIS department and/or your VIS advisor directly. VIS will assist and advise regarding many issues such as visas, I-20, travel abroad, maintaining your immigration status, taxes, insurance, etc.

PhD Defense Information

Doctoral students must have their defense committee approved by the Graduate School. The department needs to send a "Committee Approval Request" form to the Graduate School at least four weeks prior to the defense date. Students should consult with their advisor and the Graduate Program Director about the status of their committee.  For students defending in the Summer, the program needs to send a committee approval request form to the Graduate School by the end of the first week of Summer Session I classes.   NOTE:  Students do not submit this form; the form is sent by the department to the Graduate School.

*It is the students responsibility to inform the Graduate Program Coordinator with the information required for the Commitee Approval Request Form at least 5 weeks prior to the defense date.

The "Doctoral Defense Announcement" (DDA) form must be completed by PhD students also prior to the defense. Using the formatted document provided by the Graduate School,  type your information in the required fields such as "(Name)", "(Title)", and email the completed document to the Graduate Program Coordinator who will forward to the Graduate Program Director for review and approval. Your Graduate Program Director, or his/her delegate must email this form as an attachment to The Graduate School is responsible for approval and announcement of each doctoral defense to be listed on their website. The completed DDA and Committee Approval Request documents must be received by the Graduate School from the Department at least four weeks prior to proposed defense date.

**NOTE: Failure to have a Doctoral Defense Announcement form submitted to the Graduate School according to procedure and in a timely manner may result in the student having to defend their dissertation a second time.