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Registration Information

ALL FULL-TIME GRADUATE STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR MEC 691 EACH SEMESTER. The department will no longer automatically enroll you in this course. Please be sure to enroll yourself if you are a full-time student. MEC 691 is the seminar course which requires you to attend seminars during the semester.

ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS SHOULD REGISTER FOR CLASSES BEFORE THE END OF THE PREVIOUS SEMESTER.  If courses have low enrollment, then they may need to be cancelled so please try to register before the end of the semester so we can determine if the classes will run or if changes need to be made.

IF YOU WISH TO REGISTER FOR A RESEARCH/PROJECT COURSE (i.e., MEC 596, 597, 599, 696, 699, etc.), first consult with the research/project advisor. If the arrangement is made, send an email to with your name, ID#, course number, advisor's name, and # of credits you wish to register. Please copy (cc) the email to the advisor.