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To obtain more information on undergraduate admissions, in general, at Stony Brook University, please visit Undergraduate Admissions Office web site.

Telephone: (631) 632-6868

Requirements for Acceptance to the Major

Freshman and transfer applicants who have specified their interest in the mechanical engineering major may be accepted directly into the major upon admission to the University. Students in good academic standing who were admitted to the University but not immediately accepted into major may apply for acceptance after they have completed their first semester at the University. Priority for admission to the mechanical engineering major is given to those students who have 1). completed MAT 132 and PHY 132 or their equivalents, 2). earned a G.P.A. of 3.0 in all mathematics and physics courses with no more than one grade below a B-, and 3). received completed course evaluations for all transferred courses that are to be used to meet requirements of the major. 

Refer to the Undergraduate Student Guide for more information.

To apply for a major or minor in Mechanical Engineering, visit the CEAS Undergraduate webpage.

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