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To obtain more information on undergraduate admissions, in general, at Stony Brook University, please visit Undergraduate Admissions Office website.

Telephone: (631) 632-6868

Requirements for Acceptance to the Major

Qualified freshman and transfer students who have indicated their interest in the major on their applications may be admitted directly as a degree major or as a pre-major. Pre-majors are placed into the Area of Interest (AOI) program and to be eligible for the degree, they must be admitted to and declare the major. The requirements and application process for matriculation are detailed below. Students admitted to other programs within the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) follow the same admissions process as students in the AOI program. Students in programs outside of CEAS (non-CEAS students) and double major applicants may apply for admission to the degree program following a separate process, outlined below.

Area of Interest and Other CEAS Students (excluding double major applicants) 

Applications for major admission from AOI and other CEAS students are reviewed twice per year and must be received by January 5 for Spring admission and June 5 for Fall admission. Students who submit their application on time will be admitted if they meet the following requirements:

  • PHY 131or PHY 126 or PHY 127 or their equivalents,
  • One MEC course required for the major and taken at Stony Brook,
  • Earn 10 or more credits of mathematics, physics, and engineering courses that are taken at Stony Brook and satisfy the Major’s requirements,
  • Obtain a grade point average (G.P.A.) of at least 3.2 in major courses with no more than one grade below B-, and
  • No courses required for the major have been repeated.

Students must complete these requirements no later than one year after they enroll in the first course that applies towards major entry. Students must apply for admission by the application deadline immediately following completion of the above requirements, but no later than the one year limit. Admission of AOI students and other CEAS students who apply late will follow the process of Non-CEAS Students and Double Major Applicants below.

Non-CEAS Students and Double Major Applicants 

Applications for major admission from non-CEAS students and double major applicants are reviewed twice per year and must be received by January 5 for Spring admission and June 5 for Fall admission. Students who do not meet the requirements for AOI admission above will not be considered. Fulfilling the requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Admission is competitive and contingent upon program capacity.

Applying to the Major/Minor

For more detailed information and to apply for the major or minor in Mechanical Engineering, visit the CEAS Undergraduate webpage.


To view the recommended course sequence for a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University, view this diagram and the corresponding course descriptions in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Residency Requirements 

For information on course residency requirements and a listing of courses that must be completed at Stony Brook University, please visit the Degree Requirements page in the Undergraduate Bulletin.