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Student Spotlight: Wayne Johnson

May 2018 graduate, Wayne Johnson, received a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University. He completed the accredited program with a cumulative GPA of 3.96, earning Honors and a place on the Dean’s List. He has been nominated for the Summer 2018 Student Spotlight. Here is a little Q&A with Wayne:

Share one of your favorite memories from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

This past semester, I spenjohnson spotlightt a good deal of time in the student machine shop working on my senior design project. One day in particular, the machine shop was almost full with my fellow classmates. It was awesome to see everyone who I have been learning with over the past four years actually apply their knowledge and hands-on skills. It was nice to see that we were all being real engineers rather than just students.

What did you like most about being a Stony Brook student?

I liked how everyone at Stony Brook was like-minded. All of the students were hard-workers with impressive future goals. Not many people were there to mess around.

Were you involved in any on-campus activities?

I was a [College of Engineering and Applied Sciences] CEAS tutor, where I tutored fellow students in statics, mechanics of solids, dynamics, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. It was a great feeling to both strengthen my skills in these subjects and help those who had some difficulties understanding the topic.

What are your goals now that you have completed your Bachelor's degree?

This summer, I will be a Power Engineering Intern at National Grid. Following that, I am staying at Stony Brook for my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Then, I will most likely enter the workforce while obtaining my MBA on the side -- although a Ph. D has never been out of my sights, and it is something that I will need to spend the next few months considering. 

What advice do you have for freshmen MEC majors?

Work hard to understand the topics rather than just memorize information for a test. You should always ask yourself why something is happening rather than just acknowledge that it is happening. An employer can tell the difference between a candidate who is well-versed in the field and someone who simply coasted through the major.

What are some fun facts that you can share?

I love off-roading on the beach and hiking in the mountains upstate. I try to do this as much as possible, even in the winter.