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SPIR Appointment and the Process

You are reading this page probably because Prof. Purwar has directed you to here. The rest of this page is written in the first-person narrative from him.

You are required to read this page completely before you can be put on a SPIR project. If you have any questions or doubts you can ask me when you meet me in my office.

Step 0: Determine your Eligibility

I can only hire full time and matriculated student of Stony Brook University, so if you don’t plan to be one, then let me know ASAP. There are no exceptions to this policy and you can’t fall through the cracks since when your appointment paperwork is sent to Human Resources they will check, and will deny appointment. If you are going to be graduating in a semester you are appointed, and you have only a certain number of credits to take to graduate (thus, it puts you in a part time status), then you have to get me a letter from the undergraduate program director or international office saying that you need only those many credits before graduating.

If you are appointed during a summer term, you need to be registered as a full time matriculated student for the coming Fall semester or simply be registered as a matriculated student during the summer break to be appointed on research. If you are appointed during a regular semester, you need to be registered as a full time, matriculated student in that semester.

Step 1: Download and Fill-in Forms

If you are working on a SPIR project, there would usually be two components of your appointment. You would be a Student State employee in the title of Student Assistant (most likely, in the beginning of the project) for a while and then you would be a Research Foundation employee. Sometimes, this order is reversed. This is because you get paid from two different sources. Do following to complete your appointment. Read carefully and follow it point by point. Bring these to me within 3 days of the receipt of my email asking you to do following. My email to you would also tell you if you would be an hourly employee or a biweekly paid employee. If you are an undergraduate student, you are always going to be an hourly employee. Graduate students can be hourly or biweekly employees. Choose accordingly from the following two options and download all the forms (right click on each of them and choose "Save Target As" and save it on your local hard drive!). All of these forms can be filled in electronically, except for the I-9 form, which needs to be filled in by hand only. Do not staple any forms, and only bring me those pages of the form in which you put in information. Thus, this excludes additional pages of instructions and worksheets.

Hourly Employee Forms
Biweekly Employee Forms

Step 2: Fill Time sheets (only for hourly employees)

In an order to get paid, you need to fill in your hours for the work that you perform at the company. When you are appointed as a state employee you fill hours on SOLAR system, while on research appointment, you fill in paper time sheets. Download a template paper time sheet here.

Select an option based on whether you are on a State or Research appointment.

State or SOLAR Time Sheets
Research Time Sheets

Step 3: Check your forms against this checklist

Checklist (before you come to see me):

I-9 form
Research Foundation appointment form
Internship Agreement Form
I-20s, I-94, Passport/Visas
Permanent Resident
State GA/TA form
Oath Form

Step 4: Read the FAQs

I am an hourly employee and I submitted my paper based time sheets a long time ago. I have not been paid yet. Why?
I am an hourly employee and I filled in my hours on the SOLAR system a long time ago. I have not been paid yet. Why?
If I am going to be working during the summer as a Research Foundation employee, do I need to be registered in the summer or Fall semester?
I am going to be working during the summer as a Research Foundation employee but I would be graduating or I need only a few courses in the Fall. Do I still have to register as a full time student for the Fall semester?
Can I fax or email you the paper based time sheets?
How do I collect my paychecks?
How do I file for a direct deposit?
How do I keep track of the number of hours that I work so that I do not exceed the limits that you have given me?
Are there any incentives for working hard and doing a good job on my SPIR project in the company or on campus?