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Mechanical Engineering Student Design Teams

Engineering Student Organizations

Stony Brook Motorsports

One of the highlights of undergraduate student activities is Stony Brook Motorsports which takes part in the Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Competition Series.

Students in Stony Brook Motorsports build an off road car known as the " baja" virtually from scratch .  They have a year to do this and they devote 20 hours per week, 40 towards the end of the semester.  It is both fun and challenging for car enthusiasts and those who enjoy working on a team. The Society of Automotive Engineers supplies the engine for the car.  The body, frame, brakes, pistons, tires are plotted, designed and assembled by the team in strict keeping to the budget and with regulations imposed by the Baja SAE International Competition rules. There is always a dedicated group of juniors and seniors willing to devote precious time to this project. The "team historian" keeps records of what went wrong and right in previous competitions. They learn from their mistakes and use experience to improve performance. In the late spring, the baja is ready to go and the group with faculty advisors, Henry Honigman, Bob Martin, Lester Orlick, Noah Machtay, and Lin-Shu Wang embark on a cross country odyssey to our nation's heartland to compete with other mini baja cars from engineering programs around the world.  Over the years the Stony Brook Motorsports has placed in design and safety categories.

At the Baja SAE Challenge at the South Dakota School of Mines in 2007, the team won the overall 3rd place, the 2nd place for design, and the 1st place in static design judging, among more than 100 international teams. In the Baja SAE Challenge at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, the team won the 1st place for the Autodesk Design Communication Award, the 9th place in static design judging, and the overall 20th place, among more than 140 international teams. Most recently, at the Baja SAE International Competition at Montreal, Canada in June 2008, the team won 2nd place overall.

Stony Brook Solar Racing Team 

The Solar Racing Team is a group of undergraduate students with a passion for engineering. With membersrepresenting Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Business. We design and manufacture a world class electronic race boat, which we then compete with in the “Solar Splash” competition in May. We do not bar any individuals from joining the team, and experience is not required as we all take great pride in learning as a team. Please visit our website, for more information or email

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Stony Brook Robot Design Team

The general purpose of this team is to design, build, and test robots from scratch. Like MotorSports and SolarBoat, the kinds of skills that are obtained through the Robotics Team are invaluable  to the students on our team. These skills will become useful when one decides to enter the work force. Such skills include teamwork, leadership, communication, and working under deadlines. In addition, the projects that this team has done in the past generally bear enough merit to be acceptable senior design projects and will hopefully continue to do so.

This club is currently comprised of three main sub teams, which are the Mechanical Engineering, the Electrical Engineering team, and the Computer Science/Engineering Team. We also have a public relations group, which helps to promote the team. Of course, this club does not discriminate people based on what academic major they are. Members can decide what sub team they would like to be in based on their interest and personal experience. This is not necessarily based on a particular major. The breakdown of the team is just for organizational purposes only.

Our main competition that we have been participating in recently is the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. also known as IGVC. This competition has been held annually in Rochester, Michigan at Oakland University for the past thirteen years or so. The main objective of this competition is to implement the team’s  general purpose such that the end product is a robot that can navigate an outdoor obstacle course autonomously. This is by no means an easy task, as it requires a good deal of higher level programming from the Computer Science team. It also requires sensor integration plus figuring out power requirements from the Electrical Engineering team.  As for the Mechanical Engineering team, they need to make sure that the robot as a whole is durable in order to withstand the outside environment in which the course is located.

Other than working on projects, the team participates in recruitment fairs and robot expos as they come our way.  Examples of each are the involvement fair that is held twice a year and the Robotics Jamboree. The Robotics Jamboree is held every fall and has been run by Professor Gary Halada of the Materials  Sciences and  Engineering Department. 

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