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Scholarship Recipients

2007 American Council of Engineering Companies of New York Scholarships

Three mechanical engineering undergraduate students received 2007 scholarships from the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York.

The Hazen and Sawyer, P.C. Scholarship ($2,500) was awarded to Jonathan Bielik. Jonathan excels both academically and in extracurricular activities. A member of the football team in his freshman year and the club lacrosse team, he also participates in competitive rock climbing, and is a Triathlete in half iron man and Olympic distance races. He is the student representative for FIRST Robotics.

The DMJM Harris Scholarship ($2,500) was awarded to Milan Karunaratne. Milan is treasurer of the Residence Hall Legislature and a member of the university’s cricket team. Milan is also a guitarist, drummer and vocalist, who composes and performs his music with his band. During summer, Milan served as a field and equipment engineer for Con Edison and also a research assistant at Stony Brook.

The Earth Tech, Inc. Scholarship ($2,500) was awarded to Jessica Newman. Jessica is a mechanical engineering major with a strong interest in other scientific fields including meteorology and natural phenomena. She has gained valuable experience in internships, the most current at EDO Corporation, an aeronautical defense systems company where she worked on calculations and stress analysis for Air Force and Navy projects. She has also interned at Brookhaven National Laboratory. She is a student ambassador for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is also a member of Women in Science and Engineering, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the Golden Key International Honor Society. All the three students are members of the Stony Brook Motorsports Baja SAE team, participating in the development of the racing vehicle for Baja SAE competitions. Jonathan also serves as Treasurer of the team, Milan Director of Human Resources, and Jessica Director of Marketing.

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2008 Arkwin Scholarship

Five mechanical engineering undergraduate students received the 2008 Arkwin scholarship ($5000/each) from Arkwin Industries, Inc., a Long Island based manufacturer of precision hydraulic and fuel system components for civil and military aircrafts and special applications. They are Philip Haasnoot, John Meyer, Michael Petroglia, Christopher Serano, and Chaomin Tang.

2007 Arkwin Scholarship

Five mechanical engineering undergraduate students received the 2007 Arkwin scholarship ($5000/each) from Arkwin Industries, Inc., a Long Island based manufacturer of precision hydraulic and fuel system components for civil and military aircrafts and special applications. They are Michael Espinoza, Mohammad Imran, Chui Yan Ivy Hau, Yizhan Zheng and Guangqiang Ao.

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2008 IREE Poly Lo

Polly Lo, a junior in our Mechanical Engineering major will be traveling to Kanpur India in summer 2008 to perform research on composite materials at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur as part of an International Research and Education in Engineering (IREE) award from the National Science Foundation that her undergraduate research advisor, Professor Chad Korach in our Department of Mechanical Engineering received. The NSF-IREE program is designed to provide early career researchers exposure to research methods and practices in engineering at locations outside of the United States as part of training a global engineering workforce for the 21st century. Only 5% of all U.S. engineering students take part in overseas study during their academic career. Over 100 IREE awards were made for the 2007-2008 fiscal year and application to the program is limited to current NSF award PI’s.

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evren picEvren Azeloglu - Howard Hughes Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Everen Azeloglu is the 2003 recipient of the Howard Hughes Fellowship in Biological Sciences. Mr. Azeloglu, a native of Turkey.

He spent nearly two years assisting with research on an NSF sponsored research project entitled "Whole Field Deformation Measurement of the Heart with CASI". Dr. Irvin Krukenkamp of the Department of Surgery who is a co-PI with Dr. Fu-pen Chiang. This grant and several important papers have resulted from this collaboration.

Mr. Azeloglu’s talents have gained the attention of other benefactors outside the Stony Brook campus. For example, he received second place in the Student Paper Competition of the 2002 ASME Pressure Vessels And Piping Division Conference in Vancouver, Canada. He also received a Weining Foundation Fellowship (2001-2002), GT Equipment Technologies Scholarship (2002-2003), Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Award (2002-2003) and the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Program Fellowship (Summer 2002).

Mr. Azeloglu is studying in the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Biomedical program. He continues his study of the biomechanics of the heart and will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

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vanessa picVanessa Capanzano - Dayton T. Brown Scholarship Winner and 2004 recipient of the NSF Graduate Student Fellowship

Ms. Capanzano, graduated in 2004 as a Mechanical Engineering Major at the State University of New York at Stony Brook is a young woman of exceptional promise and skill. Throughout her course of study at Stony Brook, Ms. Capanzano maintained a place on the Dean’s list. She graduated with a grade point average of 3.97. Considering how rigorous a Mechanical Engineering Major is, this is quite an accomplishment

Since June of 2003, Ms. Capazano worked with Professor Lili Zheng on studying the dynamic behavior of cerebrospinal fluid. With Dr. Zheng, she designed and built experimental apparatus for the characterization of shunts and catheter tubing. To work on this, Ms. Capazano was the recipient of a very prestigious URECA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity) fellowship. Very few students are bestowed this honor and opportunity.

Outside campus, Ms. Capanzano worked for PALL RAI Corporation as an Engineering Intern. As such, she assisted in Engineering Analysis for Quality Control. I encourage our Mechanical Engineering Students to put what they learn in the classroom to practical use by participating in high technology internships through the SPIR (Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence) program. This experience makes our students better prepared for the engineering profession.

In spite of her busy schedule, Ms. Capanzano volunteered her time with the WISE program (Women in Science and Engineering), in the physics help room and as not only a member but treasurer of the honor society, Tau Beta Pi.

Ms. Capanzano is, this Fall, at Johns Hopkins University as a graduate student in the Biomedical Engineering Department. The $30,000 NSF Fellowship with additional money for overseas travel and laboratory equipment, will supplement the generous fellowship Johns Hopkins has already awarded Ms. Capanzano.

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Jesse Fite was the 2003 recipient of the GT Equipment Technologies Scholarship. Jesse was an officer of the student Chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers whose faculty advisor, Research Associate Professor, John Metzger, described Jesse in a recommendation letter for the GTE award: "Jesse is a mature, serious and hard working, and I have a high regard for him both as an engineering student and an individual".

Jesse was a student assistant under John Metzger’s supervision this past summer. Dr. Metzger placed Jesse, through the New York State-supported SPIR Program, at eele Laboratory. In this position Jesse worked with the laboratory’s scientists and engineers to develop a high-intensity light source and set up a manufacturing process for the light source. Jesse aided the laboratory’s efforts and they were pleased with his contribution to their organization.

Jesse’s academic record, according to Dr. Metzger who taught him for two semesters, is outstanding: "In all his classes, he has demonstrated maturity, responsibility, a good understanding of the engineering principles presented and the ability to apply these engineering principles. Jesse is an independent, self motivated thinker.

Jesse has also assumed the role of the student chapter President of the NSPE at Stony Brook. He has demonstrated leadership, energy, and excellent organizational skills.

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