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Undergraduate Studies

Mechanical endavid_hwanggineering is one of the core disciplines of engineering.  It encompasses a large number of subdisciplines that are at the heart of both traditional and leading edge technologies. Mechanical engineers can be found in leadership roles in almost any sector of industry, ranging from electronics and aerospace to civil transportation and consumer household products. The undergraduate mechanical engineering program at Stony Brook recognizes that students have a variety of career path objectives within the wide variety of industrial environments available to mechanical engineers.

More specifically, the educational objectives of the mechanical engineering curriculum at Stony Brook are to prepare our graduates to:

1. Establish a successful career in mechanical engineering or related fields in industry and other organizations where an engineering approach to problem solving is highly valued.

2. Contribute significantly in multidisciplinary work environment with high ethical standards and with an understanding of the role of engineering in the economy and the environment.

3. Excel in graduate study and research, reaching advanced degrees in engineering and related disciplines.

4. Achieve success in professional development through life-long learning.

The mechanical engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, For information regarding major entry requirements, visit the CEAS Undergraduate webpage.

David Hwang
Undergraduate Program Director

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