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The recommended sequence of required courses for the major in mechanical engineering can be found  here. Course descriptions and prerequisites can can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Course titles link to the most recent syllabus.

Course Course Title Fall 2017 Spring 2018
MEC 101 Freshman Design Innovation  
MEC 102 Engineering Computing & Problem Solving II  
MEC 104 Practical Science of Things  
MEC 105 Everyday Science  
  MEC 203   Engineering Drawing & CAD II
  MEC 214   Probability and Statistics √   
  MEC 220   Practical Electronics and Circuits for Mechanical Engineers √    √ 
  MEC 225   Fundamentals of Machining Practices  √ √ 
  MEC 260   Engineering Statics  √ √ 
MEC 262 Engineering Dynamics  
MEC 280 Pollution and Human Health
MEC 300 Technical Communication in Mechanical Engineering II  
MEC 301 Thermodynamics  
MEC 305 Heat & Mass Transfer  
MEC 310 Introduction to Machine Design  
MEC 316 Mechanical Engineering Lab I  
MEC 317 Mechanical Engineering Lab II  
MEC 320 Numerical Methods in Engineering Design and Analysis  
MEC 325 Manufacturing Processes  
MEC 363 Mechanics of Solids  
MEC 364 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics  
MEC 393 Engineering Fluid Mechanics  
MEC 410 Design of Machine Elements  
MEC 411 Control System Design & Analysis  
MEC 422 Thermal System Design  
MEC 423 Internal Combustion Engines  
MEC 440 Mechanical Engineering Design I  
MEC 441   Mechanical Engineering Design II  
MEC 450 Mechatronics  
MEC 455 Applied Stress Analysis  
MEC 456 Intro Engineering Composites  


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