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Student Spotlight

Austin Giordano is a Mechanical Engineering student in his junior year at Stony Brook University.  He has been nominated by Professor Fu-Pen Chiang, Ph.D. for the Student Spotlight of Spring 2018.  Here is a little Q&A with Austin:

Professor Chiang stated that your research paper was selected for presentation at the Society for Experimental Mechanics conference in June. Can you describe what you will be presenting?

The research that I have been working on with Professor Fu-Pen Chiang involves analyzing the deformation of a plate due to a concentrated central load by digitizing a method that Professor Chiang previously proposed. I will be presenting our findings in June to an audience comprised of industry professionals, professors, and students.

 Are you involved in any on-campus clubs or activities?giordano spotlight

I am a general member of both American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Being apart of these organizations has given me a greater opportunity to learn from Professional Engineers.

 What are your goals going into your senior year? And beyond?

My goal going into senior year is to continue with the research that I am working on in Solid Mechanics. I would also like to develop a Senior Design Project that will allow me to apply all I have learned while working on my research. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on continuing my schooling at Stony Brook University in the 5-year Master’s Program. After completing the 5-year program my goal is to enroll in the Ph.D. Program to get a Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics.

What advice do you have for freshmen MEC majors?

The advice I have for freshmen MEC majors is to find a group of your peers who you enjoy working with and can also hang out with outside of the classrooms and labs. It helps to have a go-to group of people, as there will always be group projects and everyone has different subject matter strengths. It’s great for study groups and projects.

What are some fun facts that you can share?

I have two dogs - Achilles and Zoey. My favorite food is buffalo chicken pizza.